Friday, June 5, 2009

Indie 5 Collective

Hey there! I have decided I'd also like to promote various things I like on my blog, mostly relating to art and the selling thereof. My first choice is the youtube channel,

The Indie 5 Collective

Indie 5 is a group of sellers on who each post a video once a week or so about their experiences crafting, contests, promotions of their own or their favorite shops, tips on selling on Etsy, or just little tidbits about their current lives. If you are lucky, they might even include a ten second dance break!

I discovered it in Etsy chat through Indie 5 member orionstars, and was instantly hooked. The lovely personalities of the members makes it fun to watch, and the information can be very helpful to the emerging Etsy crafter or artist. So make sure to check them out and post a video response if you can, they love these, and are pretty fun to do too :)


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