Monday, October 5, 2009

The Watchman

I am pretty sure if I could afford it, everything in my house, including my wardrobe, would be composed entirely of goth and Steampunk items. Luckily there are some GREAT sellers out there who make things like this a one-day possibility, or if not that, at least allow me a little taste of these styles to brighten up my day. One of these such sellers is TheWatchman.

The Watchman is a merchant of awesome handmade steampunk and fused glass accessories. I especially love his style of rings, which offer beautifully ornate bands in stead of the plain silver generic ones a lot of other ring makers display.

If you are unfamiliar with the steampunk style, it mainly involves taking normal/modern items like clothing or furniture and giving them an industrialized feel. Favorite themes of steampunk involve brass, brown cloth for clothing, lace trim, and adding as many gears into anything one can get their hands on, which I am all for. A quick Google Image Search brings up pictures of steampunk'd electric guitars, goggles, and even a Darth Vader helmet.

TheWatchman uses pieces of old watches to create his beautiful pendants and rings, removing the faces to expose the gears and cogs inside. Many of his pieces also incorporate vibrant jewels and charms for added flair.

More recently he has added in some neat resin pendants with gears and/or charms set right inside, some even with neat prints as the background.

TheWatchman also makes lovely fused glass jewelry in striking colors, which, like much of his work, can be worn by members of the steampunk movement or anyone who appreciates the style, work, and beauty that goes into each of his pieces.

If you missed the link the first time, please check out The Watchman's Shop by clicking Here!


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